Learn and connect with the best B2B experts on the planet.

Stand on the shoulders of giants.


The Genius Advantage is a free (but private invite-only) community where B2B entrepreneurs and B2B experts connect, learn and level up.

Who Is This For?

This is for anyone who sells to other businesses. If you are an agency owner, B2B SaaS founder, participate in any high-ticket consulting or coaching, then this community is for you. 

Now just because you own or in a leadership position in a B2B business doesn't mean this is for you. You have must have a growth mindset and believe in abundance and in sharing. This community is not for lurkers or beginners. 

Level Up Your Game By Association

They say you are the average of the five people you spend most of your time with. So what would happen if you spent your time with the best B2B entrepreneurs and B2B experts in the world? 

In this community, you'll be able to connect with hundreds of the world’s most successful B2B entrepreneurs and B2B insiders. 

We are witnessing people end up on each other's podcasts, virtual summits, SaaS partnership deals being made, and endless amounts of (JVs) Joint Venture Partnerships. 

JVs are one of the best ways to tap into (OPA) Other People's Audiences and one of the fastest ways to more growth without it costing you any money.

There's a lot of Power in Private Communities

Just like all private communities whether it be private golf clubs, private supper clubs, and private Yacht clubs they come with HUGE benefits. The benefits are large enough that people are willing to pay thousands of dollars to join these exclusive clubs.  You do not need to be wealthy and you don't need to pay 1000's to this group, but you do need to believe in the power of private communities. 

Because this is a private community is invite-only, the Genius Advantage attracts ambitious people who take B2B seriously. Everyone's here to make real connections and get better results.

We follow the Vegas rule. What is shared within this community stays within this community, and because everyone is loyal to this rule,  experts share ideas that aren't published anywhere else. Nobody's afraid to dish their best advice.

Because we are all on the same mission, we are stronger together. We get to leverage universal laws like the network effect. Collectively we scour the web and share our best advice, so we can create the best business case studies that would take years of networking and digging to uncover.

Gain Insider Information

We help pull back the curtain, by interviewing the best B2B Experts and have them reveal all their secrets to growth and convince them to share their biggest mistakes, so you can fast track your B2B company's results.  You'll be able to stand on the shoulders of giants to fast track your B2B business. 

Legally Steal The Best B2B Swipe Files

There are loads of FREE and paid resources not found anywhere else on the world wide web within this private B2B community.  

Instantly download checklists, templates, SOPs, and more resources that will enable you to start new marketing and operational campaigns within 'minutes' Vs 'months'.

You can skip all the guesswork on how to scale your B2B business quickly.

I have seen other experts charge 1000s of dollars for the same information that is given away in this community for free. 

Wish You Had a 24/7 Sounding Board

Whether you're a founder, an 8-figure CEO pro, B2B coach, or B2B Marketing Expert, the Genius Advantage community will help you level-up and allow you to get second opinions from smart people.

You never have to feel alone again. People post a question in this group and they tend to get almost instant answers and ideas.  

Just imagine how much momentum you'll gain when you have a 24/7 B2B Think Tank like this at your fingers tips.

Gain a Single Point of Reference To Make Your Life Simple

Albert Einstein said, 

"Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler." 

This is one way you can make things easier for yourself.  If you are sick and tired of having to weed through these spammy Facebook and LinkedIn communities which are full of noise and freebie seekers, just to find little gems of information and wish there was one place that has no fluff and all meat, well, then you'll love this community. 

Apply Today If You Want To Fast Track Your B2B Company

It usually takes 24-48 hours to get approval because we review every single application.  If an application is not filled out fully you pretty much count on that you won't be approved.

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